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Does not matter how much traffic we are getting if we are not converting on that traffic. I outline 29 tips to turn your visitors into customers. From content, to promotions, to mastering the sales cycle, these tips will help get, maintain and sell to your target customers

Content –

  1. Have a clear value proposition – who do you serve, what do you do for them, and what is the one clear result you offer. locate your UVP above the fold
  2. Have a compelling dollarization –  For example if your product save time, save money and or save energy, put that into a dollar amount. My saw and it’s clean cut will save $20 for every $100 you spend on  2*4’s . If you display your dollarization, prove it with social cred, have a low barrier entry way to test the product and you deliver = SALES.
  3. Have a unique selling point – be clear on what separates you from competitors.
  4. Have best content above the fold – such as key influencer testimonials and your best case studies. Make sure key content and value propositions are not at the bottom of your homepage.
  5. Have one piece of essential content – What piece of content can they not live without put this above the fold on your home page could be newsletter opt-in
  6. Use a call to action above the fold – this could be free trial, or free consultation and don’t use words like submit for your button. Make the text clear about the next step i.e. Lets get started.
  7. Have a FAQ, Have an about us page – Both see major traffic on your website. Win the war on information answer more questions then your competitors and have a story.
  8. For SEO purposes have a few pieces of highly detailed content – this piece of content is usually a blog post with lots of words, images, infographics that gets links, shares and  as a result gets high rankings in Google. Brian Dean calls this the skyscraper technique.
  9. Be relevant, position yourself in social media – understand your target market and provide useful posts, tweets, content and headlines that answers key customer questions and position yourself as an expert in your niche. When customers need help in your area of expertise, they will find you.
  10. Have an authentic story – everyone has one tell it, i.e. why you got into the business and make it a mini value proposition.  I feel empathy for the small business owner because my Dad struggled for years with his small business. Consequently, I have my life’s work to help the small business owner.

How to use promotions –

  1. Master headlines – Visitors will read 80% of headlines and only 20% of your content. Make your headlines stand out with products or service results,  emotions, key metric guarantees, your unique selling points, if your not better then your competition in value or price there is no reason to buy from you.
  2. Make an offer they can’t refuse – make a no brainer, huge upside low risk offer. John Carleton calls this the greased slide. It is hard for prospects to move, make it easy for them with captivating offers.
  3. Huge promise – make a huge promise that you deliver on your value proposition, guarantee if necessary.
  4. Adwords, ad matches landing page – Your adwords ad should have a distinct landing page that goes into more detail about your value proposition(not your homepage).
  5. Promote scarcity – have a promotion thOffat expires soon. Create urgency.
  6. Practice AIDA – Which stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. AIDA are the steps a prospect goes from first hearing about your products to buying. Your home page, sales and marketing materials should practice these principles:
    1. We need to gain prospect attention by asking a key question or providing clear benefit, resolving a customer painpoint
    2. Gain prospect interest with product features and benefits.
    3. Make your prospects desire your products and services by explaining how it will makes their lives better and or improve their business.
    4. Get your prospects to take action, promote a sale, discount, free trial, and or promise/guarantee.
  7. Offer a newsletter –  i.e. Get the latest on ____, once a week, for free and Give so much value with  content, be seen as the trusted advisor. They should believe your UVP.
  8. Automate sales cycle – make it easy for them to get started and to start to see value immediately.
  9. Present yourself as an educational consult – educate rather than sell.
  10. Study big brand landing pages – big brands have an extensive budget and years of experience to figure out what works to convert customers.
  11. As seen on TV – display where your product has been featured
  12. Offer something for free – a white paper, report, something of value in exchange for contact information and a newsletter signup.
  13. Discounts – offer a time scarce discount.
  14. For SASS products use a free trial – Get them using your product with a free trial, emails training series, webinars, make it so they can’t live without your product.

Master the sales cycle –

  1. Update your site – use market news, new project descriptions, customer stories. Give reasons for visitors to come back. Blog once a week.
  2. Leverage referrals – People are easier to sell to if they have a referral. start a referral program
  3. Show customers the chain – started with a low entry value plan and allow them easily to upgrade to high cost plan. Customers buy from companies they trust. Marketers call this tripwire funnel
  4. Have a personalized sales funnel – Always think about your funnel. How are you onboarding customers i.e. – blog, opt in, newsletter, trip wire, email series, free trial are all examples of sales funnel tactics. Trunk Club is a good example of this. Visitors go through many personalized steps and at the end submit their contact information.  This gives Trunk club personalized info on the visitor and allows them to personalize touch points using emails and other touchpoints.
  5. Offer free work to influential people – offer free work to big influencers in your niche for the permission to put their logo on your site. One key Referral can make your business.

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