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16 tips on how to improve Google rankings for local businesses

Gone are the days for local based businesses when we can just throw up some anchor text links on an external shady site and get on the top of Google.  Nowadays, Google wants good content and high authority links. I provide some SEO tips to get you ranked and stay ranked. 1) Have correct business

5 accounting mistakes construction professionals make

For any successful contractor to keep it's clients happy, gain referrals and of course make a profit on jobs, we need to keep a close eye on the books. But not just keep an eye on the books but understand the books. Five mistakes contractors make when keeping track of the numbers are: 1) Don't

29 tips to convert your website visitors to customers

Does not matter how much traffic we are getting if we are not converting on that traffic. I outline 29 tips to turn your visitors into customers. From content, to promotions, to mastering the sales cycle, these tips will help get, maintain and sell to your target customers Content – Have a clear value proposition

WordPress vs Drupal 8 vs Laravel

in 2017 companies are expected to have greater content and functionality on their websites. Having a good content management system is key to grow your business online. But what CMS should we choose. There are endless CMS options but in this article I would like to look at three of the post popular php CMS 's: WordPress,

Tips on how to develop a sales strategy that sells

When we think of a salesman our spines tingle. But the truth is we are all sales people, from selling ourselves on job interviews, to selling our kids on vegetables, we attempt sales everyday. It is therefore essential for us if we want to become successful to have a good understanding of sales strategies. This will not only will benefit our careers but

9 essentials steps to create an online presence

Nowadays, before buying anything of significant value we Google it, look on social media, visit review sites and or check with friends. We need to find something positive about the product or service for us to take out our wallet. We need an online presence. It's true we are all busy and creating an effective online presence can be time consuming; but if

Grow your Business. Jay Abraham takeaways

Jay Abraham is a best selling author and marketing expert. Jay over the years has helped thousands of businesses increase revenues and grow as a business. Recently, I listened to a Tony Robbins podcast with Tony and Jay and  found it extremely interesting. I would like to share some takeaways on how to use marketing

5 marketing channels that will increase traffic today

There are hundreds and thousands of businesses selling the virtually the same products and services. But why company A sells a lot more than company B is not always because of innovation but largely due to effective MARKETING. Marketing is important but there is only so much time in the day and many marketing channels to

9 steps on how to create that winning home page

If prospects are at all interested in what we do, they will eventually visit our home page. This is why it is vital for our home page to communicate features, display benefits and lead vistors with calls to action. In the following article I outline 9 steps to create a winning home page that attracts, engages and converts visitors into prospects. 1 ) Have a unique

How to define your ideal customer

When starting out in business it’s natural to want to sell to everybody.  You got to keep the lights on right and spending all your precious time and money marketing to everyone seems like a good idea. However, trying to be everything to everyone often means your are nothing to no one. People buy goods