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29 tips to convert your website visitors to customers

Does not matter how much traffic we are getting if we are not converting on that traffic. I outline 29 tips to turn your visitors into customers. From content, to promotions, to mastering the sales cycle, these tips will help get, maintain and sell to your target customers Content – Have a clear value proposition

5 marketing channels that will increase traffic today

There are hundreds and thousands of businesses selling the virtually the same products and services. But why company A sells a lot more than company B is not always because of innovation but largely due to effective MARKETING. Marketing is important but there is only so much time in the day and many marketing channels to

9 steps on how to create that winning home page

If prospects are at all interested in what we do, they will eventually visit our home page. This is why it is vital for our home page to communicate features, display benefits and lead vistors with calls to action. In the following article I outline 9 steps to create a winning home page that attracts, engages and converts visitors into prospects. 1 ) Have a unique

how to improve Google rankings in 12 steps

Gone are the days when we can throw up some anchor text links on an external shady site and get on the top of Google.  Nowadays, Google wants good content and high authority links.  I provide some tips and tricks making this work as easy as possible. 1) Guest posting We have to know are

Three way to effectively and efficiently market yourself online

The internet has become the biggest marketing tool for small businesses and the primary way consumers research products and companies. Not effectively and efficiently marketing yourself online can put you and your business at a disadvantage. Resulting, in less calls, leads, emails, and in the end less customers.In my article I suggest helpful ways that

SEO tips for small business

There are many things to think about when creating a web site such as design, features, and content. These all being top priorities ample time should be spent on delivering quality content in an aesthetically pleasing way. But if no one can find your site, all the time contemplating the best font for your h1

Why Blog? Five reasons why blogging is for you.

Blogging is widespread in today's society, everybody and their cat has a blog. From shoes, cars to sports, we all join together to share our opinions, thoughts and the need to belittle our fellow human. But why blog? I share some thoughts. 1. We all have different passions, sharing our knowledge can be rewarding and