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The 3 components of creating an effective online presence

In today's world 70% of the buyers journey is completed before they ever talk to a salesman.  Customers are doing research online and in today's competitive business environment we need to have a strong online presence. Three components of creating an effective online presence are. 1) Why people buy what we are selling Often times we

WordPress vs Drupal 8 vs Laravel

in 2017 companies are expected to have greater content and functionality on their websites. Having a good content management system is key to grow your business online. But what CMS should we choose. There are endless CMS options but in this article I would like to look at three of the post popular php CMS 's: WordPress,

7 tips for construction contractors to market their business

It can tough for construction companies you need to keep pipeline full manage projects get new ones, last thing you want to do is sit down at your computer and market your business. That is why it is ideal to have a clear marketing strategy that saves you time, money and in the long-run generates

9 steps on how to create that winning home page

If prospects are at all interested in what we do, they will eventually visit our home page. This is why it is vital for our home page to communicate features, display benefits and lead vistors with calls to action. In the following article I outline 9 steps to create a winning home page that attracts, engages and converts visitors into prospects. 1 ) Have a unique

How to define your ideal customer

When starting out in business it’s natural to want to sell to everybody.  You got to keep the lights on right and spending all your precious time and money marketing to everyone seems like a good idea. However, trying to be everything to everyone often means your are nothing to no one. People buy goods

Three way to effectively and efficiently market yourself online

The internet has become the biggest marketing tool for small businesses and the primary way consumers research products and companies. Not effectively and efficiently marketing yourself online can put you and your business at a disadvantage. Resulting, in less calls, leads, emails, and in the end less customers.In my article I suggest helpful ways that

Why Blog? Five reasons why blogging is for you.

Blogging is widespread in today's society, everybody and their cat has a blog. From shoes, cars to sports, we all join together to share our opinions, thoughts and the need to belittle our fellow human. But why blog? I share some thoughts. 1. We all have different passions, sharing our knowledge can be rewarding and