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To survive in today’s competitive business environment we need to generate leads online.  But where do we start: blogging, ppc, seo… a lot of time and money can be spent online without any benefits.

We need to have a plan, an online marketing strategy that we can evaluate on an consistent basis to see if in fact we are actually generating leads. But first before detailing our strategy we need to answer some questions.

1) What problem do you solve?

The biggest way to generate leads online is have a skill people value. Weather that is painting pictures, building websites, or fixing leaky faucets. If you solve problems people will pay.

2) What is my Unique Value Proposition(UVP)?

It goes without saying you cannot everyone’s problems.  You need to pick a problem and become the solution. If you solve your chosen problem consistently, you will never have to look for work again. Because you will become the go to person for your _______ fill in the blank problem.

How we should communicate the problem we solve? A good idea is to have an UVP as Unbounce describes “ a UVP is a clear statement that describes the benefit of your offer, how you solve your customer’s needs and what distinguishes you from the competition. Your unique value proposition should appear prominently on your landing page and in every marketing campaign.

3) Create focused content that aligns with your UVP

When people think of you, you want them to think your the best at solving your specific problem. But nobody is just going to believe you’re the best – we need to prove it.

We need to create content.   Not just any content but content that aligns with our UVP and helps our ideal customer move throught the sales cycle. For example, if our UVP as a sales trainer is to increase sales for our clients by 30%. A good blog post would be “7 tips to close anybody”.

Good content allows your ideal customer to understand the benefits you offer and begin to trust you.

However, it can be hard to find the time to blog. We should have a content a content schedule and stick to it.  Use content to  link to webinars, other content, landing pages and create a string of lead generation content that will keep the leads coming in. You will become top of mind for your niche and PEOPLE WILL FIND YOU!

4) Have goals for content and measure them

Before you create content: a landing page, blog post, video… We need to think about the goals we would like to achieve with this the piece of content.

Goals can be:

  • newsletter signups
  • shares
  • fill out a contact form
  • starting a discussion
  • the purchase of a product

A common goal with content is to get emails.  Emails start the conversation with our potential customer offering more helpful content and or promotions.

To get emails we can use call to actions, optins, and lead magnets. Offer more value if you sign up to our newsletter, a pdf, ebook, webinar. Tease our UVP and watch them signup.

Measure what is working. Use Google Analytics promotes the pieces that are the most effective.

5) Get and segment emails

Once we get emails we should not just put them all in one list. We need to filter and segment emails based on common characteristics and send out different emails to different groups, and see who is opening.

We all get countless emails that we never open but if we see a headline that resonates with us, and solves a specific problem that we are experiencing right now – WILL ALWAYS GET OPENED!

6) Get leads through automation

Automating business processes is always a good thing. Why spend countless hours answering the same type of email. Build an app or content that gives potential customers some immediate insight on how to fix their problem. This could be a quiz, a series of emails, a free course, an old webinar.  The ideas are endless but it is essentially a way for people to understand the problem you solve and come up with their own solutions.

When the time is right we can promote products, consultation, paid webinars…

7) Build trust with value pricing and introductory pricing

Maybe the problem is not that big just yet but a good way to build to build trust is to offer a entry level service or product. Something below market pricing a deal that your ideal customer cannot pass up.  This could a low cost filter change, free trial for software, a product at cost… Build trust solving little problems  and when big problems occur they call you.

8) Tell stories through case studies and reviews through case

People love stories that engage. Case studies and reviews where a customer had a problem, looked for solutions and found you their Knight in Shining Armour are marketing gold.  These case studies and reviews should be promoted, placed on your home page and key marketing materials.

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