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In today’s world 70% of the buyers journey is completed before they ever talk to a salesman.  Customers are doing research online and in today’s competitive business environment we need to have a strong online presence. Three components of creating an effective online presence are.

1) Why people buy what we are selling

Often times we are so focused on creating a great product and service that we forget to think how will our products and services benefit the lives of our customer. You have probably heard the old saying

sell the hole not the drill

People buy the benefits, results and the solutions to their problem, not our actual product. Consequently, it is vital for us to understand our customer pain points and the reasons people buy. Examples include:

  • to improve health
  • save money
  • reduce costs
  • increase revenues…

However, We can’t provide benefits to everybody.  We need to pick a target market of which focus on providing benefits to a particularly type of person, we can call this person an ideal customer.


2) How to connect with our ideal customer

We can connect with our ideal customer through marketing messages such as an unique value proposition(UVP) and unique selling points(USP).

What is an UVP?

An UVP is who we serve, what we do for them, and the benefits our services provide.

On websites often we will see unique value propositions on the home page near the top, above the fold. For example, an UVP for a home renovation specialist would be: helping home owners renovate their kitchens on time, on budget, and exactly how you pictured in your mind.

What is an USP? A unique selling point basically differentiates us from the competition. Examples include for the home renovation specialist: top end project management software, worked with all subtrades for years, been in business for 15 years…

How do we Get our ideal customer to trust us?

Sure we have unique selling points and an Unique value proposition but customers need to trust that we can deliver on these. We need to build trust by:

Email list building

I am sure you have heard it before that email list building is essential in today’s competitive business environment. But Why:

  1. Creates a list to provide discounts and offers to our ideal customers.
  2. Allows us to understand our ideal customer pain points and urgent needs by engaging with them.
  3. Creates trust and a sales cycle, moving customers down the marketing funnel to our most expensive products and services.

Use optins to build our email list

An email optin is usually an offer to recieve something of value in exchange for an email. I am sure you have seen them before as they often will popup when we are reading content on a webpage. Optins are often very effective because they entice and engage and provide value that is extremely relevant to our ideal customer. Types of optins include:

  • White Paper
  • Webinar
  • PDF
  • Product coupons
  • Use of an app

By getting emails we now have permission to contact our ideal customer, but don’t put the cart before the horse. We need to give reasonable amount of value to our ideal customer before we bombard them with product offers. We call this creating a sales cycle.

A sales cycle will be different for our professional but basically start by

  1. Create external content and ads that get the attention of our ideal customer.
  2. Get our ideal customers email with the use of an optin
  3. Provide value with a newsletter
  4. Offer something free that leverages the group providing more value and personalized value that a newsletter i.e. webinar
  5. low of barrier of entry product – low cost item usually an information product.
  6. upsell to more expensive items

3) Get out there in the world!

Now it is time to get out there, create our list and market ourselves. But how should we do this? We need to figure out where our ideal customer is hanging out. Buzzsumo and Google Adwords are both good places to figure out where our ideal customers hang out and what are they searching for.

Typically we should pick a few social media sites, include our UVP and a link to our optin. Whenever, we follow and engage our UVP will be present and our ideal customers will be tempted visit our website where can ask for an email.

In order for them to visit our website and optin we need to create content that provides value and use hooks to attract our ideal customer. Hooks include:

  • Huge promise – use numbers and percents. i.e. 30% of new customers get better seo results doing this.
  • Create urgency – have content or disounts that are time sensitive.
  • Use Guarantee – use guarantees for risk reversal. Make it a no brainer to try our products and services.
  • Use stories – we love stories use stories from previous clients to engage and help see the value of doing busines with you.

Creating an online presence can be hard and takes effort. But just after a little while will start the rewards from your sales cycle, helping you succeed.






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